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Self-Care Gifts She’ll Love

If you’re a mama who takes care of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, you’d love to receive gifts that take care of YOU! Gifts that allow busy moms to take care of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are the absolute best. These types of gifts show that our efforts to take care of our families are seen and appreciated, and that our families recognize that we’re individuals, not just caregivers.

Guess what-these gifts don’t break the bank, and often they’re no-spend, free gifts!

If you (or your family) needs some inspo, keep reading for my recommendations to make her feel special with self-care gifts she’ll love. I’m linking some of my favorites-not an affiliated or sponsored post, these are items that I personally have (or have gifted) and love. At the end of the article, I share the gift that every mom wants most of all!

Gifts for Mental and Psychological Health

Help her recharge her batteries and refill her own cup with gifts that reduce stress, engage in hobbies or interests, and achieving personal goals and growth.

Reduce Stress

A “me-time” kit with a cozy throw, tea and a book or magazine would be a fantastic (bonus-make it a gift that keeps on giving with a year-long magazine subscription).

Adult coloring book with colored pencils engages her mind and relaxes at the same time-don’t forget a sharpener! In the same vein, bullet journals or notebooks with pretty covers and her favorite pens (or fineliner markers) would be another great item.

Beautiful scents promote relaxation: scented candles, wax melts or essential oil diffusers, depending on her preference. If flames are out of the question, consider a candle warmer like this one that I’m gifting my mom this year!

Support her hobbies or interests-if she loves being in the kitchen, there’s no doubt there’s a gadget, tool or ingredient she’d love to have. If she’s artistic or creative, consider an intro to hand lettering, an art class (her choice of medium), or learning how to build with power tools. Fitness may be her jam, and in that case, there’s probably gear she’d love to have.

Take Care of Her Body

Force her to sit back for 20 minutes with my favorite masks-her face will have a noticeable glow and smooth texture for days.

Treat her lovely locks right with a deep-conditioning gloss that enhances her natural color, a leave-in treatment that add softness and shine, or an oil for everyday use that defrizzes, adds shine and smells amazing.

Body oils are amazing multi-taskers and are great for supporting skin health during dry winter months. I have super-sensitive skin that also prone to adult acne, and these are my universal recommendations:

  • Bio-oil for face-improves skin texture and moisture retention. A little goes a long way, and one bottle lasts FOREVER.
  • Sesame oil for body-locks in moisture and leaves skin soft and smooth without a greasy oil slick. While I love a floral scent, my skin hates the scent compounds and all-over breakouts ensue. Lightly scented or unscented sesame oil is my go-to.
  • Scented oil for nails and cuticles is something that I can tolerate. I love putting this on at bedtime, because the smell lingers and is heavenly as I drift off to dreamland. The presentation of this oil is gorgeous and perfect for gifting.

This eyelash growth serum sounds too good to be true, but I can personally vouch for its effectiveness. I have been using it nightly since August, and my eyelashes have more volume and are noticeably longer without any skin or eye irritation. If she’d love longer eyelashes without mascara, this is definitely a gift to check out.

Tug on Her Heartstrings

Frame a photo of a special moment (I am great at taking pictures, terrible at remembering to have them developed and even worse at getting them into a frame), or commemorate a special event with a few pictures turned into photo tiles (like Mixtiles).

Let the kiddos choose a gift. What they choose might seem bizarre to you, but trust me-the fact they chose something on their own that represented their mom will mean the world. My son gave me a bracelet with a sea turtle on it a few years ago-it’s not something I wear very often because it hits on my desk in an uncomfortable way when I type, and it’s a bit too small…but when I see it on my dresser it never fails to make me smile.

Tell her how you and the kids feel. A drawing from the kids, a letter or a card that tells her how much she’s loved and appreciated is GUARANTEED to start the waterworks.

Handmade items are appreciated-my son loves to paint, and he likes to create picture frames, items for my desk, and pictures. These may seem small, but they do mean a lot.

An experience that’s focused on her. This doesn’t have to be a “spa day” if that’s not her jam. Arrange a surprise lunch or dinner with a friend she hasn’t seen in a while, a Cameo from a favorite celebrity, an animal encounter (if my husband is reading this-red panda or otter, please), or an event she’d like to attend.

Touch Her Spirit

Spiritual gifts don’t have to equal religious gifts-reframe spiritual as what makes her unique and what’s at the core of her being.

Connect with the natural elements-various studies have shown that there are a multitude of benefits when humans connect with the world around us. Not all elements are as meaningful to all people (for myself, I love water but absolutely hate digging in the dirt), so it’s important to know your audience:

  • If she finds water soothing, a small tabletop fountain could be a great addition to her space. Art that depicts ocean or lake views, or underwater ripples would be amazing. Items with sea glass or shells are a little less obvious but also connected to water. Rain gauges, rain chains or other items that utilize rainwater are beautiful. Gifts that support ocean conservation (4ocean, for example) are also thoughtful and give back.
  • Earth gifts could include plants or seeds, gardening items, and bird or wildlife supplies. If she enjoys crystals, some natural crystal jewelry of raw crystals would be lovely. Donations that support pollinator habitat protection, rainforest conservation, or teaching children about gardening would be excellent choices as well.
  • Gifts that bring the warmth of fire are (obviously) candles. Real flames aren’t an option for everyone, and there are some amazing faux candle options that look like real flickering flames that are powered by sunlight or batteries. Strings of lights will add a warm glow wherever they’re placed-think cafe lights around a patio, small lights across a fireplace mantel, or lighted curtains. Small lamps or solar lanterns are another consideration that would be fun.
  • Lastly, wind. Windchimes are obvious, but spinners and weathervanes are additional options. There are cute desktop fans if she’s always hot or enjoys the white noise.

The Gift Every Mom Wants

Any of the options above will make her smile, but let me tell you what every mom wants-TIME! There’s never enough of it and we can’t make more. Take the lead with the kids so she can sleep in and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, finally establish the exercise routine she’s been working on, tackle a project, lose herself in a book or hobby…or even just time to sit in the quiet and stare at the wall. The possibilities with the gift of time are endless.

Now Get to Gifting!

A meaningful, heartfelt gift doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish. Think about what makes her a unique woman that you and your family love, and start there-you’ll come up with something that she will love that doesn’t break the bank. Have a happy holidays!

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